Isles Above

Full Version: Fire Threatens the Valley
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The portal shivered and warped as a figure formed in its depths. A slender body moved forward, the red of his skin sharp against the lush landscape. Hooves of silver pushed through the void and rested upon land it had never touched before. Pearl like horns pierced the portal and introduced the full face of the figure. A stallion, with citrine eyes that glowed slightly against the dark color around them. His long ears twitched forward as his eyes wandered the landscape before him. He continued to step forward, until his entirety was revealed to this new land. 

His back legs appeared like spears and they punctured the ground as he finished his entrance. He stood there, ears swiveling through his crown of flames as he monitored his surroundings. The sky was dark, the only light appearing from the great stars above. As he turned his head up, he discovered these stars were not familiar to him. This was a new land, maybe even a new realm for the beast. 

His eyes settled on the landscape once more, his tail flicked to the side as his flames threatened the grass. The isles had welcomed a new visitor, and one that was ready for adventure once more. Malphas Ocarin, Stallion of many titles, had arrived in a land he would be forced to adapt to in the years to come. He offered a slight gruff to the silence around him and seemed a bit agitated as he continued to look around. "This is no tavern.... That wicked wench tricked me."

"I'm speaking so listen up." Table by Camy